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Wes Goodman, a Republican state representative in Ohio, attended the Statesmen Academy of the Family Policy Foundation because he wanted to learn how to more effectively advocate against LGBT rights.

He got caught having gay sex in his office. (He resigned.)

This is pretty normal for the Statesmen Academy, a training facility on the art of lying. If the Family Policy Foundation were honest about their real goals, normal people would find them abhorrent. So they must lie, and train people like Wes Goodman to lie on their behalf.

Here's a picture of Wes Goodman at Statesmen Academy, pretending to be heterosexual so that he can learn to take away civil rights from himself:

About the Family Policy Foundation

The Family Policy Foundation is a fake charity with a mission to keep gay people at an inferior legal status. It accepts donations from elderly people whom it exploits by causing them to fear change. They probably should have registered this domain name, but they didn't. This website has been made in their honor.