Family Policy Foundation

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The Family Policy Foundation is a fake charitable organization with a mission to keep gay people at an inferior legal status. This is their story.

For decades across America, local anti-feminist and anti-LGBT lobbying groups sprang up that seemed to act in a uncoordinated, grass-roots fashion. Secretly they formed an alliance with uniform policy goals: No marriage, no adoption, no workplace or rental protections, and no domestic violence protections for gay people. No legal abortion, birth control, or sex education.

This alliance succeeded in outlawing same-sex marriage in 30 of America's 50 state constitutions. It has placed its board members, such as federal Judge L. Steven Grasz, high in America's court system. It appears local but is quietly, immensely influential nationwide.

The alliance has recently experimented with being less secretive. In 2004 it formed a public corporation to conduct lobbying, called the Family Policy Alliance. It also formed a dubious charity to solicit donations, the Family Policy Foundation. The Family Policy Alliance started to unify the branding of the member organizations, and listed members on its website.


In 2020 the Family Policy Alliance removed the list of members from its website. Whatever their reason for doing this, it is worthwhile to do the opposite. Thus, the membership list is archived for your reference.

About the Family Policy Foundation

The Family Policy Foundation is a fake charity with a mission to keep gay people at an inferior legal status. It accepts donations from elderly people whom it exploits by causing them to fear change. They probably should have registered this domain name, but they didn't. This website has been made in their honor.